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Daytona Chamber launches “Let’s Talk Business” Discussions

Thu, Jul 21, 2016 at 5:05PM

The Daytona Regional Chamber has recently launched a new “Let’s Talk Business” initiative, to begin in August 2016. Within professional organizations, there are often similar obstacles and trials that leaders have to overcome in order to sustain a successful business environment.  The “Let’s Talk Business” platform will consist of a number of one-hour long meetings where chamber members can meet with the Chamber President, three board members, and fellow colleagues to discuss what business challenges they face, and how the Chamber can better serve the business community.

            President & CEO Nancy Keefer Stated, “As a prominent voice for business in the region, it’s important to hear feedback from our members throughout the area. ‘Let’s Talk Business’ will allow members the opportunity to engage in discussion regarding some of the challenges that they are facing as business leaders, and how we can continue to move forward and thrive as a community”.

“Let’s Talk Business” forums will be free for members to attend, and spaces must be reserved in advance. August dates are set for the 18th from 3:30pm- 4:30pm, as well as August 23 from 8:00am – 9:00am. For more information on upcoming dates or to reserve your space, contact Johnna McCarthy, Events & Communications Director at 386.523.3681 or register online.  

Daytona Chamber launches “Let’s Talk Business” Discussions

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