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Leadership Daytona Alumni Council to hold presenter auditions for inaugural Ignite Daytona Beach event

Mon, Feb 15, 2016 at 9:25AM

“During the auditions, we are seeking 15 – 20 speakers fueled with a passion for a topic they want to share at our inaugural May 12 event taking place at the News-Journal Center in downtown Daytona Beach,” Leadership Daytona Alumni Executive Council Chair Lori McMullin said.  “The event’s goal is to get the audience thinking and conversing about what they’ve heard and spark innovative outcomes.”

Interested speakers will conduct a dry run of their five-minute presentation during their audition using a format of 20 presentation slides that automatically advance every 15 seconds.  Chosen presenters will not receive a speaker’s fee.

Ignite talks are a forum for ideas, not for marketing. “It’s not that presenters can’t talk about their work or business, but should do so in such a way that it informs a larger idea,” Ignite Daytona Beach Event Organizer Steve Mach said.

“For example, a great Ignite presentation can, among many other things, explain an innovative way to solve a problem, Illuminate a fascinating but hidden bit of culture or pull back the curtains on a complex process.”

Perspective presenters can receive criteria information and sign up to audition February 26 by contacting event organizers Art Zimmet at  or Steve Mach. To learn more about an Ignite event, watch past talks in other cities at

 Additionally, to order tickets for the May 12 event, visit



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