Center for Advocacy and Economic Prosperity

Acting as the Chamber of Influence the work from this center provides a strong community-wide voice on issues that impact the business community.  Here we actively engage in maintaining an open dialog with all levels of elected and governmental decision makers to be most effective when it comes to sweeping legislative actions and addressing important industry challenges. This ensures our area attracts and maintains new business growth while improving the community’s health, vibrancy, and prosperity. 

(Cornerstone Committee, Economic Development, Volusia Days, Hob Nob, Candidate Training)



  • To be recognized as the “go-to” voice for business with our elected officials and their staff by strengthening the relationships to affect legislative/ policy/ statute/ changes as needed for our members.
  • Convene stakeholders, based on advocacy needs, to address issues and provide expertise to area governments to aid in pro-business decision-making.
  • To provide support to other economic development organizations in the region, both in the public and private sectors.



  • Sen. Rick Scott(then Governor) at Hard Rock Hotel Ribbon Cutting
  • Chamber representatives meeting with District 5 Transportation Secretary Mike Shanno
  • Governor, DeSantis (then Congressman) meets with Chamber leaders
  • Education Committee with School Board member, Carl Persis
  • State Attorney, Dave Aronberg speaks at Public Leadership Program
  • Legislative Action Committee Chair, Bob Williams presents Chamber recommendations to Legislative Delegation
  • State CFO Jimmy Patronis speaks at Chamber Luncheon
  • Cnty-Chair--Ed-Kelley-and-Sheriff--Mike-Chitwood-discuss----690-695x2000-0
  • Canadian-Consul-General-Susan-Harper-meets-with-Chamber-partners-679-695x2000-0