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The Chamber

Who We Are

The Chamber has served the community for over 100 years.  Our membership of nearly 1,000 businesses is diverse and representative of our community.   Governed by a Board of Directors of local business and organizational leaders, we represent a variety of industries, sizes of business and geographic locations throughout the greater Daytona Beach region.  Advocacy is the cornerstone of our Chamber and is why we are looked upon as the “Chamber of Influence.” 

Our Mission
Our Mission

The Daytona Regional Chamber of Commerce advocates a strong economic and business environment and serves as a platform through which our members and the entire business community can thrive.

Our vision
Our Vision

To be a driving force in the development of commerce and to improve the quality of life in the greater Daytona Beach region.

Core Values

We will advocate on behalf of our members for a fair and equitable environment that empowers business towards success.


We will welcome opportunities for cooperation and inclusion in our community. We will work towards a common vision.


We will create opportunities for involvement and listen to the needs of our members.


We will be true to our role as the business leader in our region and be a model to others in our community. We will properly use our influence to ensure the relevance of our organization and the continued success of our region.


We will exhibit attributes of highly regarded professionals and offer our talent and expertise for the betterment of our community.

Additional Info
Business Plan

Each year a business plan is created to help guide the Daytona Regional Chamber in its mission. Committees, task forces and focus groups, comprised of Board and staff work collaboratively to develop, execute and implement goals and action items to ensure we are working on programs and initiatives intended to assist our members.

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Strategic Plan

This document represents a broader look at the Chamber and the community making sure the Chamber is strategic in its focus, engagement and community support. This plan looks out three years to provide continuity in our mission and vision. It is continually monitored and updated to complement the annual working plan of the Chamber.

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