Elevate Daytona Beach Auditions Now Open

Elevate Daytona Beach presented by AdventHealth is looking for the next set of inspiring, serious, or funny presentations to be made at the region’s premier community speaking event. Auditions are now open for Elevate Daytona Beach 2023. The goal is to get people thinking and talking. For example, great presentations can:


  • Come up with and explain an innovative way to solve a problem
  • Show people a new or unexpected way to look at something familiar
  • Pull back the curtains on a complex process
  • Challenge or debunk a preconceived notion
  • Illuminate a fascinating but hidden bit of culture, or
  • Give people a challenge they can act upon, without demanding that they do so


Elevate Daytona Beach is a place to be creative and vulnerable, and to have fun. The best talks are the ones fueled by true passion. Click the button below to secure your audition time slot today! For more information, visit ElevateDaytonaBeach.com or email Ken Phelps, IOM, at ken@daytonachamber.com.