Chamber Programs
Chamber Programs

Cornerstone Events

When issues at the state or federal government level have an impact
on your business, a collective voice and access to expertise is critical.
Cornerstone Events are designed to help you decipher complex
political issues by bringing experts in the field to the table to share
their knowledge. On occasions when the voice of business needs
to be heard at the highest levels, we provide the connections to our
elected officials to ensure they are hearing directly from you…our local
business leaders and their constituents. Advocacy is the cornerstone of
our work at the Daytona Regional Chamber.

Designed to help you decipher issues that impact our community and businesses on the state and federal levels, the Daytona Regional Chamber of Commerce, Cornerstone Events brings high-level experts to the table to help break down complex issues for our business leaders, members, and the public.  

Please check our Event calendar for the latest on Daytona Regional Chamber programs.