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VCARD (Volusia County Association for Responsible Development)

The decisions made about where we build, what we build and how we build literally becomes the community in which we live. VCARD is an organization dedicated to responsible development which is essential to creating livable, vibrant places. The work of development professionals is visible in all areas where we carry out our day-to-day lives. The policies which regulate this work impacts our society’s physical characteristics. The Volusia County Association for Responsible Development (VCARD) and its Flagler chapter bring awareness to the industry to engage those affected by it.

VCARD is a not-for-profit dedicated to affecting positive outcomes for the development in our community. We achieve this goal by:

  • Facilitating open-dialogue about what, where, and how we build;
  • Monitoring policies and legislation impacting development choices;
  • Acting as a liaison between municipal agencies and professionals in the field including developers, engineers, architects, realtors and several others;
  • Identifying methods to expedite local permitting processes and reduce potential obstacles;
  • Providing educational forums for individuals interested in the health of their community;
  • Circulating timely information on development matters;
  • Working with local governments on growth management matters and other issues of need.

VCARD is for all active members of the community who are interested in how we grow.
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